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What should I bring to the session?

You will be provided with a mat and blanket, but you can bring a cushion or eye mask for additional comfort.

What is the dress code for the session?

There's no dress code, but it's recommended to wear something comfortable. Shoes are not permitted inside, so you can wear socks or go barefoot.

What if I’m late to the class?

If the class has not started yet, you may enter. However, if it has already begun, please refrain from disturbing the class.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your class booking up to 48 hours before the class. Cancellations made within 48 hours cannot be refunded.

Is this class suitable for me?

Sound baths may not be suitable for individuals who

- have a history of seizures and epilepsy

- those with a pacemaker or other inplanted devices

- pregnant women

- individuals with severe acute mental illness

Please consult a doctor if you are unsure

Who should avoid?

Sound baths may not be suitable for the following individuals:


Medical history

Device implanted


Mental illness